Who we are

We were Children of the Illuminati/Cult/Mind Control Programming you have heard about, and we are here.

We are the Light, here to illuminate the darkness.

It is truth that has flipped our switch to "on".

We are Many Lights!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This blog has been a gradual unfolding, sort of like self awareness. The places and spaces in our lives that are controlled by the Cabal are at once under - reported and not noticed.  As our eyes open, we can't help but see the effect they have had in our collective society. 

Here is another site you may be interested in:
Illuminati Watcher

It is not my intention to be a news site.  There are so many others. I intend to give voice to the process of awareness.  There is a noticing that happens once you decide to see.  It takes constant attention to what you have come to accept as normal. Most of it is anything but.

Notice.  Share.
I am,
Just One Light

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