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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fifty Shades of Pink

Most women have heard of the “Shades of Grey” trilogy.  They are hot property.  They’ve introduced a shade of sex many didn’t know existed.  Wow.  Grey just isn’t the same anymore.

It’s like that with elephants.  There is a huge one in the room and he’s pink.  Once you see him, his herd comes into view.  There are at least fifty shades.

The Controllers have infiltrated every facet of our lives.  Much like a herd of pink elephants, they’ve been quietly standing there, coloring everything, while we ignore them.

The thing about a humongous pink elephant is he shits a lot.  That’s the first thing you notice, it stinks.  Then there’s his color – pink.  It doesn’t blend. His size takes up most of the room and he eats constantly.  You have to remove that poop.  You have to make do with less and less space as he expands.  His every movement seems destructive.  He just doesn’t fit.

It’s time to do something about those fifty shades.  We’ve come to accept them as natural, unaware they come from the elephant, not us.

There’s:           Baby pink                  -                       Forced Inoculations
                        Sacred pink               -                       Institutionalized religions
                        Smart pink                 -                       Factory schooling
                        Percentile pink          -                       State tests
                        Pink slips                   -                       Job/Salary dependence
                        9-5 pink                      -                       Debt slavery
                        Punishment pink        -                       Fear of Big Brother
                        Pretty in pink              -                       Sex kitten seduction/advertising
                        Politician pink            -                       Corrupt officials
                        3 Cherry pink             -                       Casino/lottery addictions/promotions
                        Catawba pink            -                       Drug/alcohol dependence
                        Pink face pink           -                       Angry/violent law enforcement
                        Luxury pink                -                       Lifestyles of the 1%
                        Hand grenade pink  -                       War
                        Uniform pink             -                       Standing armies
                        Monopoly pink          -                       Privately held banks
                        Percentage pink       -                       Interest on loans
                        Skin tone pink           -                       Airport body scanners
                        Chicken pox pink     -                       Big Pharma
                        IOU pink                    -                       Income tax
                        Party pink                  -                       Partisan politics

…twenty so far.  There are so many more.  Once you see the elephant, you begin to notice the herd he’s a part of.  It’s gradual.  Remember when you learned about Santa Claus, then asked about the Easter Bunny?  It’s sort of like that.  Only worse.

When you are a kid, you wonder at first if the presents stop when you stop believing.  As soon as you figure out they don’t – you’re good to go.

Now that you know there’s an elephant, you see him everywhere – hogging all the space, eating everything, shitting everywhere, offending your nose, ears, and eyes.  If you are ever going to be comfortable again you’ve got to get him out of the room.

Awareness is everything.  There is strength in numbers.  Please share.

I am,
Just One Light

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