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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ellie Goulding Initiation?

In the search for news for this blog, the terms used are things like "Illuminati" or "Cabal" with a date.  Today and yesterday, for the first time in two months, several of the articles were removed before seeing them.  This is a change, and it is not yet concerning, but worth mentioning.

Here is a video from an up and coming UK artist, along with a piece about the work.

Link to original article 

"Orbs and pyramids…hmm…
Ellie Goulding is a British singer and songwriter that has taken the world by storm here lately.  Her single Lights really made a big splash for her on the other side of the pond here in the United States.  Now, with her popularity exploding, she is starting the PR for her forthcoming new album by releasing a new single, Anything Could Happen. The video is interesting, with pyramid-shaped mirrors that come to life with images center-stage throughout the whole song.  Are we witnessing a coming out party of a new Illuminati starlet?"
--Common Sense Conspiracy


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  1. Yes she is taking over from Jessie J. I have noticed a change in her over the past two years. Which is why I did a search online for her name and the word Illuminati.