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Sunday, January 13, 2013

David Wynn Miller - Quantum Grammar

David Wynn Miller offers a seminar to open our eyes to fraud and corruption via syntax.  There are twenty five video's in the complete presentation, the rest can be found on YouTube.  Here is a taste of the 18th, and the first video from September 2012.
Awareness is everything.
We are Many Lights.

"All fifty states are the same. All 64 million mortgages in the united states were set up by the banking industry to be a fraud.
Established in 1934 to be harvested.
When the year of jubilee ended, all 6 to nine page documents used prior to that were all null and void, and in the 2nd of Feb, 2000, a new contract was issued by the united states dept of housing, and bankers, from the post office, and was standardized throughout the united states.
There are variables between private investors, and the industry, and the national banking association. There are sleight variables. They had to follow the same criterias.
But I have 38 different copies of banks that I've done. So what's happening, is I've syntaxed all of the 38 different mortgages. They take about 40 hours apiece to syntax. And then then I match them up to make sure everything..."
- DWM 

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