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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Do you like to fly?

In a conversation today with a great grandmother in her 80's, the subject of travel came up.  This is a woman who has been all over the world.  She's decided to either drive or choose short flights from now on.  This is not because of her age.  It is because of the TSA.

We weren't talking about the government or the cabal or the illegal methods they are utilizing.  We were talking about visiting her great grandchildren.  She has been asked to see all of them at once, a rare treat.  She is considering declining the invite because it means flying.  She is not afraid to fly, she is sort of horrified by the ordeal she is put through each time she arrives at an airport and profiled.  You see, she uses a wheelchair, known devices for harboring both explosives and criminals.  

This is insanity.  As we talked, she mentioned how in her past it had been no big deal to fly. She would pack the night before, get there about an hour ahead of departure, and sleep during the flight if it was long enough.  Today, this same trip takes an entire day and suitcases of humiliation and invasive, inappropriate groping.  Why do we stand for this?

The methods of control and fear are gradually embedded into our society so that we come to expect them.  It becomes "just the way it is".  They require our acceptance to continue.  This lovely woman saw the ridiculous nature of things, and her response was to limit her own options and stop doing something she dearly loves.  Is this where we all are headed?

They count on our fear and our acceptance.  They do not expect us to make waves.  They expect us to obey.  We are being controlled and abused at every turn, and raising our hands up willingly to be scanned as it happens. 

Why?  Mind control doesn't only happen at rituals.  It happens with "terror alerts" and flu warnings.  It happens with the onset of new germs and diseases to get inoculated against.  How many times do we see signs broadcasting the ease with which we can get the latest vaccination?  It is now in our drug stores, advertised on tv monitors that are strategically positioned at the check out lines.  These are the places we wait, with our dwindling dollars, ready and willing to hand them over on the off chance the bottle of pills we are purchasing will diminish the pain.

Please consider everything.  It isn't supposed to be this way.  Notice. Share.

I am,
Just One Light

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