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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What's with all the single eyed celebrities?

Celebrities Linked To Illuminati By Their Photos

Lady Gaga with Illuminati hidden eye
Lady Gaga
Surely not. Pudsey and Lady Gaga associated with Illuminati symbolism!
Pudsey of Children In Need with Illuminato hidden eye
Pudsey of Children In Need
I’d better first explain to non UK readers that Pudsey bear is the symbol for the BBC’s massive Children In Need charity, which raises many millions of pounds. The next Children In Need day is on the 16th of November.
Note how Pudsey and Lady Gaga both have their right eye covered – a sign, supposedly, that they are showing allegiance to the Illuminati.
Many blogs get quite obsessed with hidden eye symbolism, often by celebrities and wonder if they are being manipulated by handlers even if not true Illuminati participants themselves. Lets look at a few more such photos.
Bono with Illuminati hidden eye
Celeine Dioan Illuminate hidden eye
Celine Dion
Beyonce Illuminati hidden eye
Rihanna with hidden Illuminati eye
Pharrell Williams with Illuminati hidden eye
Pharrell Williams
Jourdan Dunn covering one eye Illuminato style
Jourdan Dunn British Model
Lionel Richie eye covered Illuminati style
Lionel Richie
There are many, many more examples. Are they really Illuminati inspired, a ‘coincidence’ or maybe just a style for photos? It’s up to what the reader and viewers of the pictures believe.
Eye of Horus
The Eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of healing, wholeness, strength, perfection and of the New Kingdom.

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