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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Slavery vs Freedom - Ayn Rand

Here is a blog worth following.

The post today covered the idea of Collectivism vs Individualism, ideas covered in the works of Ayn Rand.

This is another fierce light.

Ayn Rand on Collectivism versus Individualism
1957 photo of Ayn Rand(Slavery vs. Freedom)
A Quote:
“1. What Is the Basic Issue in the World Today?

The basic issue in the world today is between two principles: Individualism and Collectivism.
Individualism holds that man has inalienable rights which cannot be taken away from him by any other man, nor by any number, group or collective of other men. Therefore, each man exists by his own right and for his own sake, not for the sake of the group.

Collectivism holds that man has no rights; that his work, his body and his personality belong to the group; that the group can do with him as it pleases, in any manner it pleases, for the sake of whatever it decides to be its own welfare. Therefore, each man exists only by the permission of the group and for the sake of the group.

These two principles are the roots of two opposite social systems. The basic issue of the world today is between these two systems.”

This “collectivism” is happening in the world today, whether we like it or not. Ayn Rand is dead. I remember seeing a movie about her recently, where a man who wanted to produce her movie told her, after hearing she wanted artistic rights, that he would produce it after she died. That is what happened. And her ideas became twisted by the producer of “Atlas Shrugged”.

I have had my own intellectual property stolen from me on more occasions than I want to admit. I have also seen it happen to people I know. The elites create the oppressed downtrodden people, as crops for them to harvest from. The downtrodden have much creative inspiration from being in that state… of covert oppression. It is covert because no one will admit to your (TI/monarch victim) face that you’ve been oppressed throughout your life on a most subtle and subversive level. The elites steal that creative inspiration, and seem to be able to redistribute it to those they own. Then the victim gets to see bits and pieces of their own story being played out in movies, tell-a-vision, and music. They’ve probably been doing it for centuries. They deserve to rot in hell for what they have done to bright intelligent people whom they hold down, so they can steal their ideas, and profit from other people’s suffering.

Damn them!

Collectivism exists for vampires, who see themselves as being above the collective, while the individualist becomes a target and a scapegoat.

To me, individualism is freedom, while collectivism is slavery.


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