Who we are

We were Children of the Illuminati/Cult/Mind Control Programming you have heard about, and we are here.

We are the Light, here to illuminate the darkness.

It is truth that has flipped our switch to "on".

We are Many Lights!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Anti-Illuminati Rap

Here is another form of expression.  There is language here, as this genre has it's own form.  Please use discretion.

Awareness is everything, we are many lights.

Mouth of Madness

worshipping jesus praising allah they praying to buddha
its a holy war in the age of computers
revenge of the arabs
castro probly dying in cuba
his brother through marriage
his destiny is raul the ruler
the english is with us
north koreans testing the waters
they sons and they daughters
are training for american slaughter
the planet is hotter
getting hotter hotter than lava
if i had a dolla for everytime they mention osama
the wicked are winning the cunning are coming
they humina gunina
jews are dropping bombs and they blowing up hundreds
chavez is tripping
venezuelan oil conglomerate
up in alaska the pipeline is polluting the continent
hell with the vatican
benedictus conflict with fagits is
he dont want them changing or arranging up marriages
babies in carriages twisted by domestic disturbances
urgent emergencies freaking all your neighbors and urban kids
hell with they purposes gasoline is peaking and rocketing
is the arab and israeli conflict really the problem?
just look at obama
he shares an ancestor with cheney
we living in horror
the television wiling for ratings
im tired of waiting
i got a feeling something gon happen
aint nobody skating
i dreamed about the splitting of atoms
i really cant fathom the chemicals our food is containing
they grabbing our children and sticking them up
in basic training
its so entertaining
to witness all these millions of people
just gather together and worship all those symbols of evil
lets start an upheaval
and gather in our secret societies
theres something primeval inside of me
that craves notoriety
shit on your blessings
they tortured me in school with they lessons
and sat me in front of a a man and made me give him confession
this countries oppression
has got us going through a recession
your worldly possesions
will all be taken soon with discretion
they killing in burma erasing more than half of they populous
choppers is drifting across the gaza strip
and they mocking us
people are screaming the gun it bucks and scatters its metal
you know you aint dreaming its just another day in the ghetto

verse 2:

okinawa hiroshima pulmonary emphysema soldiers up in iwo jima
didnt need no help from fema
chosen men with battle scars
galactic rhyme your battle star
poison rays that travel days theres many ways to land on mars
now they killing us with cars
cuz they overlook the fumes
baby food that comes in jars
fed to infants causing doom
hit the lights and leave the room
people running in the street
armageddon coming soon
microchips control your sleep
scan your wrist and pay your debts the sky is full of flying jets
mixing clouds with chemicals
amazing we aint dying yet
everytime you wash your hair or brush your teeth
you dying quick
everytime you eat a hunk of steak and take a giant shit
everytime you feed your kids i bet there are preservatives
and everytime theyre major plan is always try to murder us
the streets is full of mercenaries waiting for they time to kill
worshipping the pyramid thats found upon a dollar bill
i hope you understand for real again i'll never say it
we only have till 2012 until they come in spaceships

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