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We were Children of the Illuminati/Cult/Mind Control Programming you have heard about, and we are here.

We are the Light, here to illuminate the darkness.

It is truth that has flipped our switch to "on".

We are Many Lights!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dark Side

We are Many Lights

We are at once brave, beautiful and brilliant.  There is a reason we are here.  The things we’ve seen, experienced and done are not the point.  It is our light that is the point.  Our light eradicates the darkness.

It is not necessary to deny the darkness or pretend it isn’t real.  We are here as testament to the light and its power.  Once we’ve switched “on”, all is clearly seen.  Our light is needed, without it no one would see clearly.

I’ve been contemplating memory.  As a very young child, an infant actually, I left my body.  As a result there is a host of different ways the past is recalled.  Some of it is in body, some of it is viewed from above, watching myself while out of body, and some of it is just not there.  I suspect I left my body and then quickly left the scene as a form of self protection.  There are beginnings of memory, and then nothing.

I considered trying to recall them in full now, after so many years.  There is a shift going on, this is the “end of days”; we are entering a new age.  What this means specifically I can’t say, yet in a general sense it means unity, oneness, consciousness and awareness.  I wondered if I could completely evolve without conscious recall of every moment of my life.  I realize there are lots of things I don’t now remember, not all of them were forgotten on purpose.  It is a matter of priority.

I’ve decided yes – I can.  I believe we must give our body and spirit credit for their wisdom.  I’m not denying the past; I’m choosing not to re-live it.  I believe this is in the best interest of me and everyone I encounter. I’ve discovered my light is so much more powerful than whatever dark contrast exists.

I’m including here another interview with “cosmic awareness”.
It refers to the evolution we are going through.  The letting go of rigid thought patterns is part of our healing. Here, it is referred to as our ego/reptilian brain.

I like the thought of a planet where we are motivated by love and acceptance of all parts of ourselves.  As one of the “many lights” I’ve spent a lifetime split – some of me was acceptable and some of me was unforgiveable.  This interview echo’s what I believe, that all of me is okay and it is time now to let go of any self abuse.  All of it is me.  All of me is okay.  I can accept myself completely.

The contrast of the dark with the bright lights that we are serves as a good backdrop.  We can really be seen clearly now.  Perhaps that was the reason for the depth of the darkness.

This blog will continue to point out the many lights that we are, along with the work being done to eradicate the darkness.  In doing so, the dark will be exposed, seen clearly and illuminated.  That is what light does.

I am,
Just One Light

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