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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Another Light - Sarah Stanga

Sarah is another light, a child Monarch Mind Control / Satanic Cult victim.  There are many articles and videos on Sarah, I have not seen them all or watched them all.  Please use caution if you too are recovering, there is detail here that may trigger you, also language you may not want to hear.

Here is her self-description, from her blog:

About Me and this blog
I am a Starseed, and I am an abductee and MILAB and MONARCH Mind control survivor. This blog is about my experiences and memories and thoughts about what has happened to me.

My story starts with my natal chart. which is approximately 85% fire in element, and I am born prematurely at 7 months instead of 9.

I am born on the third feast date of the Goddess Sophia (16th December 1976), which is also the date of the Celtic Goddess Morrigwan, and also the date for the Spider Goddess. I am born Saggitarius, which in Egyptian astrology is the Goddess Sekhmet. None of this is by accident.

I also get programmed kundalini releases for the spring and autumn equinoxes and also the summer and winter solstices, which in terms of the work they had me doing must have been pretty handy for them indeed.

Link on Before It's News 

Disclosetv.com link    there is a video here, I have not yet watched it, it is 2 hours long

Much of Sarah's story may sound unbelievable.  It includes alien entities, military bases, teleportation, Satanic High Priests, psychic training and psychic attacks.  Her story is offered here as information, with awareness we increase our consciousness.  Again, please use discretion.

We are many lights.  

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