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Friday, November 2, 2012

Ripple Effect

The Nazi Bankers Ripple Effect of Crime, in 6 Parts.

Here is the text below the first video, calling for a demonstration on November 5th in London:
We've been told that certain web-sites have been altered to redirect traffic here without their consent. This has *not* been done by us, although the person or persons doing it obviously think/s that everyone desperately NEEDS to see this film, and so do we. We believe that if you watch it you will also agree that everyone NEEDS to watch it.

We don't know who is doing it, nor have we asked or encouraged anyone to do so.

So, please don't get angry with us and please watch the film and share it.

Muad'Dib latest hard-hitting documentary about the innumerable crimes of the Ashke-Nazi Banksters.

From their historical origins down to their planned genocidal future, Muad'Dib tracks who THEY* are, how THEY operate, and most importantly, how to get rid of them once and for all.

It is time for millions of us, to take full responsibility for our actions & circumstances, unite and peacefully gather at the Houses of Parliament in London, England - on the 5th of November 2012 - to support Muad'Dib in declaring a Year of Jubilee, to cancel all debts and end the corruption and treason, making this a day that present and future generations will never forget.

After being wrongfully arrested and falsely and maliciously imprisoned for making His "7/7 Ripple Effect" film and defending innocent people, Muad'Dib is back with no mercy for those who've shown none to others.

Cutting to the root of the problem, with the only solution. Come and be part of it.

Here is the first video - (I have not seen all 6)

and the second:

the third:
the fourth:
the fifth:
and the sixth:
Each is about 15 minutes.

Awareness is everything.

We are Many Lights.

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