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Friday, November 2, 2012

MK Ultra

In an earlier post, Cathy O'Brien was introduced.  A fierce light.  Here is some more information from her, with a link to her website:

Here is an article, found on Federal Jack.com (Conspiracy is no longer a theory) 

(MOD CORRUPT)   Some of you may know who Cathy O’Brien is, some of you may not… She has claimed many times she was a ‘sex-slave’ for the New World Order / Illuminati, as most women under their control are, if you research more into all of this information…

Cathy O’Brien came out a long time ago saying she had been mind controlled under the MK-ULTRA Mind Control program and you can view more on her website and research more into the CIA’s MK-ULTRA Program.

We are many lights.

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