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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Monarch Programming Begins to Unravel

Ex Monarch has continued the journey and there is another video I will share here.  If you too are one of the many lights, I warn you.  This is a first person account of an event that may trigger you.  It is shared simply and exactly as it has been remembered.  It is powerful.

The thing about being a child, and then remembering as an adult, is the way the memories come out.  You speak them as a child because you saw and lived them that way.  The horror is not in your voice as you speak them, your voice is merely telling facts.  This was an event in your life, and you are re-telling it.

The adults listening may be horrified and crying, but it was your life.  It is so hard to explain, but as I watched this video, I was struck by the voice.  It reminds me of my own.  Yet today, I cried as I read this story.  I cried for the lights that were extinguished.  I cried for the bravery of the lights that are still here, lighting up the darkness with their brilliance.  It is an honor to be in such company.

The video goes a little fast when there is a full page to read, you may want to pause so you don't lose it.  This is a warning, it includes a memory that is brutal and gruesome.  There are some pictures to accompany it.  

I am so grateful for the powerful voice of ex Monarch.  Thank you for coming forward. You are a fierce light.

Awareness is everything.
We are Many Lights.

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  1. Thanks for posting this here. And yes, the written pages did move a bit fast. I think I have corrected that on this next vid I posted today. I am learning as I go. Many thanks for keeping this page as a valuable resource for others!