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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Is it real? Yeah, it's real."


You may remember Cathy O'Brien from an earlier post, back in September.  She is a fierce light, who came out with her story, as it involves high levels in government.  

This video is from February 2011, I don't know the actual date of the footage. 

 I warn you that it is extremely graphic in that there is an examination of her female organs and many pictures are shown of them, as evidence for the torture she endured. If you do not want to see this, stop the tape when they are in the doctors office and you can listen without watching.

 It claims to be x rated.  This is not pornography.  This is ritual sadistic abuse.  It is what happens at the hands of the same people who run corporations and governments.  Not all of them, but some of them.  This is real and it is horrific.  It needs to be out in the open and believed, and ultimately stopped.


And here is what David Icke has to say about Cathy and her experience:


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We are Many Lights.

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