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Thursday, October 4, 2012

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These are people, not monsters.  If there is one thing you come away from reading this blog, I am hoping it is that.  If you imagine them as monsters, you’ll only expect to find them hiding under your bed or deep in the darkness.  Then you won’t recognize them when they show up in broad daylight.

Please understand I am not trying to soften the impact of what they are doing by pointing this out.  You may want to label them reptiles or psychopaths, and you may even have seen the films showing supposed shape shifting eyes.  Why don’t you let that go if this is new to you, and contemplate the greater horror of what is being said here.  They look and sound just like you. 

In some twisted view of humanity they believe it is their purpose to improve man’s situation and illuminate him.  If you take each of the phrases from the website mentioned in the last post (www.operationlightplay.com) out of context, they’d easily morph into words of inspiration and hope.

In fact, the Cabal believes these are inspired instructions and it is their job to fix mankind.  These are the methods they think will do that:

n      Reduce the population
n      Demand obedience/worship/subservience
n      Create One World Order

They utilize wars, corrupt governments, poisons, slavery, religions, destitution, entertainment and education to serve these ends.  Nightmarish and ghoulish, this list sounds made up.  That is the whole point. 

They have this figured out from every possible angle.  They have been at this for hundreds of years and are patient and persistent.  We were not expected to wake up.

We have.  Those of us who survived direct contact are speaking out, whistleblowers are shouting and each day they (the Illuminati) get more and more blatant.  Their symbols are commonly recognized everywhere.  For now, they are not threatened by us.  That is because the majority of us are still in denial.

I was in denial myself.  I didn’t clearly see the depth and amount of their immersion.  I thought that I was an isolated slave from some back water satanic cult of home boys.  This is how they keep us quiet.  They isolate us.

We need to be very loud.  Please share this blog wherever you can.  I will post to it most every day with information and updates and what I hope to be a method to stop them.  Awareness is a good start.

This video is a better version of an earlier post to this blog “The Not so secret Covenant” from September 29, 2012. 

Thank you.

Just One Light

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