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Thursday, October 4, 2012

And now, the children...

The thing about this that is often missed, is that their methods are subtle and brilliant.  These are people, with the same operating systems as you.  They want to be right and they believe in a higher power.  Much of the infiltration happens with your willing consent and participation.  

Case in point:

Operation Lightplay 

A web site geared to children, with this opening statement:

 Dear Friends,
Like most kids, we enjoy every moment, but it's come to our attention that our world needs some simple repairs and a great, big hug.  Since the grown-ups are so busy taking care of us kids, The Kid Cavalry's goal is to show our appreciation by making this world a better place for everyone!  After all, we are the future, right?

The coming months present us with an opportunity for world peace (for real) and a much brighter future.  But first, The Kid Cavalry needs to fix the world. And we must do it with LOVE.  We have received confirmation of mission victory from our future, but we have to do the work/PLAY first.  Think of it as "Mission I'm-possible."            

The Kid Cavalry needs the help of kids**--near and far--to assist in our top secret mission:  OPERATION LIGHTPLAY. 

Sound good so far?  Many of these are words you may have spoken yourself.  "world peace" "brighter future" "fix the world"... Now, here is a link to what is really going on.  You will have to read the entire page before you get to the real point.

Illuminati for kids 

If you teach children from an early age that certain things are good, they will overlook or even support those same things as they mature.  Do you remember your first home phone number or address?  This is because it was programmed in your head when not much else was there to cause any interference.  

Thus, a method is born.  Teach our children young, they will be willing participants as adults, arguing for the cause without even knowing these ideas are not their own, they were intentionally planted there, years ago.. Here is the "definition" of the Illuminati, from the link above: A group of people with illuminated hearts and enlightenment, generally in the area of spirituality.  They want to share their knowledge, but whenever they try, Divine Intervention intervenes.  They are ready to light the way.  There's room for everyone who'd like to join them!   

Just One Light 


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