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We are the Light, here to illuminate the darkness.

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We are Many Lights!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We are the Light

Fear keeps us hidden and silent. The time for us to speak is now.  We are your teachers, neighbors, aunts, cousins, friends and uncles.  You could not pick us out in a crowd.  In some cases, we don’t even know who we are.

I remember.  I got away.  I was not the only one.  There are millions of us.  We have jobs, children, pets and mundane problems.  We also share a history that would sound like a nightmare or a sick, dark fantasy.

It was, yet we did not succumb.  Something within us was invincible.  We grew up believing that we were alone.  Today, with the exposure of the Illuminati mind control programming, we are realizing there was and is a network of methodical treatment which we were a part of.  This comes as a shock to us.  We assumed it was personal and we were defective.  We are waking up to the truth.  We are one of the keys to the fall of the cabal, as we know their methods intimately.  We would recognize them anywhere.

There are so many stories now of the process and horror inflicted upon us.  You may have questioned how it could be possible?  And then, if it is true, where are all these children?  Did they all perish?  Were they orphans?  Did their families know?  How could this go on in the twentieth century?

It goes on in stores after closing, on large pieces of private property, inside of homes and in empty offices.  It is not just children.  Adults as well are involved. They are the castaways, the runaways, the mentally challenged, the indigent; as well as the children of the members of the cult.

It happens day and night, weekdays or weekends, with one or two or hundreds.  It is real and it is happening right now.

You may have heard of Bohemian Grove.  Well that “mock sacrifice” is only mock because these guys don’t want to get their hands dirty with the real thing.  They are fully aware of what they are enacting.  It excites them.

The Illuminati are all about power.  You and I mean nothing to them.  They do not believe our actions could stop them.  Any disruption in their plan is mere inconvenience.  There is always another plan.

I know.  I witnessed, and some would say cooperated in a multitude of rituals and sacrifices.  I was not yet a year old when they began.

Why this blog?  Because right now humanity has a chance to stop them.  This will not always be true; it lasts until the end of this year of 2012.  If the New World Order is established before then, there will be no freedom.  This must end.

They are in every facet of society and their puppets fill in the cracks where they are not.  It is time to take any action you can.  It is your neighbors who are losing their homes, your sons and daughters who are dying in combat, your fellow man who is starving and your mother who is suffering from disease.  We mean nothing to them.  Another death or loss does not add to their guilt as they have none.

Everything that is going wrong in our world has been orchestrated by the Illuminati.  Drugs, disease, education, money, war and governments are tools.  Each life taken is a means to an end.  They do not understand love.  Their children were trained in manipulation; each of them was born into a job they must carry out.  They exist to control and to own.

This is real.  They feed on fear, anger and violence.  They are hell bent on inciting World War III. It is that vibration in which they flourish.  As you read these words or other similar stories, accept that they may be true without becoming emotionally distraught.  That frequency of fear is what they are counting on.  A planet of people too horrified to move forward and embrace their own power would be a simple thing to control, and to own.

I am not sure where this blog is going.  I began here because I wanted to honor those children and adults lost to the criminal activity of these groups, while also say that we are not all gone or in hiding.  Some of us, many of us, got away.  We are here for a reason.  We may very well be the many lights that remained to dispel the darkness they have created.


  1. My heart is filled with love for you. Thank you for your courage.

  2. I intend that the Illuminati be stopped NOW! I don't think you are crazy. There is enough evidence for all to see, of medicines that kill instead of healing, of foods that poison instead of nourishing, of media that buries ans twists the truth instead of telling the truth, of elections that aren't fair, of debt that enslaves...that for further horrors to be possible, unfortunately is not far-fetched. Bless you for coming out and speaking the truth; we honor you for your courage and fortitude for surviving, and for being willing to turn around and help us ALL to be free. There are many who are with you. You are NOT alone.

  3. Hello, my name is Tet,

    I am very happy to see that this information is being brought to the public. As mentioned is mentioned above it is a well kept secret that the Illuminati is behind all of the ills of our world.

    We see that at the very core of the success of the Cabal/Illuminati is total mind control. We have heard about mind control of the masses but most people are unaware that all Cabal members and just about everyone else has been, and are subject to some kind of trauma based mind control. The Illuminati has had centuries to perfect its mind control techniques and programming and its goal is to use trauma to disassociate and completely split the victims psyche into multiple personalities (MPD) called "alters" that can be programmed as desired by the programmer/handler. For many, the trauma begins in the womb pre-birth and continues for most of their useful lives to reinforce the programming. The trauma comes in many forms but not limited to physical torture, drugged induced trauma, psychological trauma, nightmares, demonic attacks, etc. When fully successful, the brain creates barriers of amnesia to protect itself, and the victim is completely unaware that they have been programmed with multiple alters of conflicting personalities. Many times the victim will live a normal life as a church going upstanding citizen as seen by their community. Many are over achievers and leaders in there selected fields of endeavor, and are placed as such to provide us with disinformation, cause confusion and provoke us to acts of violence or to act irrationally. The victims are programmed with suicide alters in the event they fall out of their programming, and we recommend only working on victims that are falling out of their programming, asking for help and are aware of there circumstance. As such they are high risk for suicide.There are many of these victims that are falling out of there programming now and are in vital need of help.

    And there is the rest of mankind that have been partially split and programmed, that are struggling, trying to lead normal lives or wake up spiritually. And what I am trying to say, is that everyone has had some mind control programming. And 90% of the people Eiya and I work on are partially split from some kind of emotional trauma which keeps us susceptible to the fear laden mainstream media, and for some, cult-like religious organizations along with all of the implants and blocking beliefs that we picked up as a result.

    I was born into the LDS Church (Mormon church) to a fully split and mind controlled father. At age 2 until 3 years old they used drugs to traumatize and split me for programming. They were not successful at splitting me completely and they were not successful in getting me to kill and sacrifice my twin brother (which is the ultimate goal to split you with guilt and shame). I understand now that this church is a lower faction of the Illuminati and answers to the Vatican. It also needs to be understood that my father is also a victim as is every split person in the LDS Religion on up to the Leaders. The church leaders are controlled by the same Cabal/Illuminati that control the world.

    We feel compelled to share our healing info with all that could use it to help heal the millions of victims worldwide. We have posted a step by step procedure on our blog.


    thank you for posting this,

    Eiya and Tet

    September 21, 2012 11:56 PM

  4. Hello. My name is Cath. I have been introduced to the reality of the illuminati/cabal only recently but have encountered them over and over again in my current lifetime (and previously) on earth. I just did not have the name or background information before that allowed me to *name* them.

    Thank you.

    This is a great site with beautiful intention.

    To speak out is not easy. It is scary. Especially for any of us who find that what we are speaking out about is not clear, obvious, or easily demonstrable.

    For multiple lifetimes, I have incarnated in order to better understand why cabal/illuminati egress upon other's energies in this way and how to reach them to help them to trascend such behavior.

    Equally, I have incarnated in order to show others that they can resist, can speak out, can flee, can choose freedom from this oppression and still have all their needs met. This is true.

    Leading resistance, however, I discovered (in other lives), that one outcome could be loss of life and significant pain. I have also been incarcerated by the cabal/lluminati (as a different lifeform and thereby able to disincorporate or "teleport"), which ended up causing destruction of reputation and self to my captor (simply said - I escaped, he was demoted, fired and destroyed). In this *Now* we are, together, working through the resulting karma.

    I know not what the *why* of the cabal/illuminati may be in the grander plan as "mistake", "lesson" or other. I just know there is a better way to live and be than this (which has been experienced for so many eons on earth and elsewhere), as long as they, of this approach to subjegating others, have flourished. There is a better way. And I thank the goddess and all of us that we are finding it in this *Now*.

    Thank you most deeply for speaking out.


  5. After I read your post last night at American Kabuki I was shaken and moved. I left a comment. Today I want to restate what I said there here for all the world to see if they're willing and able, with gratitude and appreciation for the extraordinary light you share with us all.

    I also want to encourage those understandably so afraid they feel they can't speak out, to just consider how much their voice counts, even as a thought sent into the ether with some measure of intent. The Illuminati and their puppet-masters may hold some commanding keys, but THEY DON'T HAVE THEM ALL. They've neglected the most important, most powerful and most simple--love.

    While I can scarcely imagine the challenges you face, please know I'm willing to try. I've been on the sharp end of abuse throughout my life for reasons I've struggled for years to identify. Yet I know in my heart I'm lucky. I've worked hard certainly--I can say that honestly and still leave room for a measure of humility--and I managed to come through it all with an inner light that burns brighter than ever.

    I found out quite recently my paternal grandfather was a Freemason, but my father steadfastly refused to join the fraternity despite immense and relentless pressure to do so at a point in time just after my birth. It was exactly the secret and nepotistic sort of thing he despised and sought to overturn in his career despite its impact on his family. However, for this one act alone I am personally and immensely grateful to him.

    For what it's worth, apparently my ancestry goes clear back to the Scottish kings on my father's side (the Bruces and Stuarts) and red hair runs through my family like wine through the neck of an opened bottle. On top of that I was what many considered an extremely 'gifted' child, excelling at school to the extent that with no effort I invariably found myself at the top of the class and the recipient of the majority of year-end awards in my school, even nationally as I recall. I never thought much about it as a valid measure of me. It was embarrassing and I wanted everyone to have a go in the spotlight. While I was comfortable there, it wasn't my preferred state. I was also sensitive, wise and perceptive beyond my years. In fact my mother invariably told me, rather unkindly at times, "You're too smart for your own good," but if my father had become a Freemason I expect she would have been right.

    Since discovering the attributes valued by the so-called Illuminati and their lot, I've had a profound suspicion I would've been heavily targeted had he joined. This feeling is so deep I've even thought it must have happened in some parallel existence. When I think of the kinds of choices you've likely had to make, I feel it deep in the very marrow of my bones. It makes me shudder, as though I know what that means in the worst way. I've spent many pensive and uneasy hours wondering what my life might have been like had my father submitted to the pressure.

    I also discovered subsequently that, although my maternal grandfather was a stone mason by trade, to the surprise of some of my mother's beaus who were obviously in that loop, he invariably failed to respond to their cryptic handshakes. I surmise he neglected to join the brotherhood too.

    Farther back and, I believe, on my mother's maternal side was an admiral whose name I can't recall now. But knowing what I do about how one gets to assume such a position, I expect some form of involvement existed there too.

    So you see, despite having led a far different life from yours, my compassion is deeply rooted. Please don't doubt the extent of love those of us who've taken the time and made the effort to investigate these important matters carry in our hearts. Truly, I can say through personal experience that this power outshines and overpowers all. Being the very substance and means of all existence, really, how could it fail?

    1. Cont'd...

      Anyway, here's the comment I left on AK in response to your website and its inaugural posting. I hope you understand the feelings that generated this are in no way diminished today, nor can they be:

      I AM 100% BEHIND YOU.

      Please speak. We need to know. We all need to know and we need to know ALL.

      Bless you for your courage!

      The support you need is here in the loving heart of my humanity. I will also stand beside you and face WHATEVER you do, no matter how dark. I expect they know who I am. EXCELLENT. Then they know where to find me.

      WE ARE ONE.
      I AM YOU.

      I am with you, arm in arm, and firm beyond your wildest imagination.



  6. Heart Intelligent Courage | Pivotal Moment

    Our voices are strongest when counted together. Heart to heart we are unstoppable!

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