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Friday, September 21, 2012

Another light shining forth

This response is unexpected and much appreciated.  Know that each comment is read, thank you for reaching out.

I will continue to share my truth, as well as what has come my way from others. I will share what I know and also what I believe to be true.  

This waking up to the truth demands that we release any rigid beliefs held in place by habit or form.  This is the year of revelation. 

To give you an idea of the scope of this, I grew up in a town of about 30,000 people.  At various times and for assorted rituals and reasons, I was taken to the town hall, the fire department, numerous homes, government and private offices and private properties.  The town had farms,  a great deal of wealth and the Illuminati. The men and women present changed often and were at different times in robes, costumes, business attire and jeans. There was one man whom I only recognized later by voice.  He was a "friend" of the family.  He was the local High School Principal.  I never saw his face during any "event".

A few years after I left, I met with an old friend who shared with me that she knew of another woman, a mutual classmate, who had been involved with different men and places.  She lived in the neighboring town, about 1/4 of the size of my own.  If you do the math, this means that this is most likely going on, or was going on, right in or near your own home town. This is not hidden away in the backwoods, it is happening on Main Street. This is not confined to only one Secret Society.  They go by many names, off shoots of the Illuminati. 

I would like to share a link with you.  If you have done any research, you may have heard of Brice Taylor (pseudonym).  Her book, a very brave memoir, is available for sale at the bottom of the page on the link I will post below. 

I will warn you in the same way I was, this is a candid and straightforward account of the processes used.  They are horrific and meant to be, so as not to be believed.  It is offered here, as testimony to what is really going on.  Her account includes many names you will be familiar with.  Mine does not, and this is happening everywhere.  

I have not read this memoir, and I doubt I will.  It was shared with me by a trusted friend and I do not doubt its authenticity.  I can tell you it has a happy ending in that Brice is alive and well and thriving and recovering, as many of us are.

We do not wish your sympathy or horror, we wish to incite you to action.  Believe us. These guys have to go.  In any way that fits for you, do something to see that they are removed from power.  The future of the planet is at stake.

Here is the link:

Thanks for the Memories 

Remember that fear is counter productive, and what these secret groups are feeding on.  Every emotion released contributes to our collective atmosphere.  We will all fare much better with affirmative responses that empower each of us; we will thrive with love. 


  1. Almine discusses trauma-induced mind control both on the cosmic scale and in the context of governments and parents that use such techniques to compartmentalize the minds of children so they may be used as sex slaves.

    BACKGROUND: According to Almine: body, soul and spirit are levels of life that, in themselves, are unreal. Body is the masculine, while soul is the feminine, and spirit is the by-product of their artificial separation. This splitting or fracturing is the original trauma that generated the core compartments of "masculine" and "feminine".


  2. Thank you for your courage to create this blog. I am 51 and thankfully, almost fully recovered from (generational)abuse and MK Ultra programming I received as a child. Love and forgiveness are the only path toward freedom but this came after I was willing to shine the Light into all the dark places within me. I have found peace in choosing to be grateful for my experiences...they have helped me to awaken from the bad dream and find compassion for myself and others who act out the dysfunction they were programmed with. We need to re-member who we are (Light Be-ings)...we are the ones we have been waiting for. Bless you and thanks again for sharing!

    1. I dont want to pry or in any way cause you any more trauma than you have already undoubtedly suffered, but i am in the process of doing independent research on this topic and was wondering if you would be willing to communicate further (likely through email) so that i could document your experience? again, i have no desire to bring any more pain into your life - quite the opposite, i would like to help you and others like you by compiling information such as that which you possess and get your story into the public domain. i can also assure your total anonymity. if you are interestsed, please email me at fdt7v7@gmail. god bless.