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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Short Story

A Short Story about One Peoples Public Trust.

OPPT is a mind blower, an eye popper, a heart pumper and a can opener for the consciousness of humanity. If one believes in the system and is too ragged from hardship
It is a difficult concept to get a hold of. You have to be prepared to jump. Imagine two cliffs with a great chasm between them, you know the distance between the cliffs is not that far but the chasm is 80feet down. You know you can jump it but what if you slip?

Your side of the cliff is rife with oppression and rules and loopholes for the wealthy, and your friends and family are there. On the other side of the cliff a world of untold possibilities awaits where love and understanding and compassion abounds. A place where people get together to be creative, to realize the purpose and potential of their lives and the very reason that they are here on Earth in the first place.

Other excited people await you, to invite you to join this new way of being on the planet. They have access to technologies hitherto unbeknownst to “the walking around people”. They are ready to play and share joyfully with you.

Meanwhile on old ground, people are still living in the Zombie Apocalypse, blindly fighting wars on behalf of corporations enduring suffering and maiming their bodies and psyches. They feel good about being a good citizen and paying their taxes on time. They do not question for one moment that they are slaves to a ruthless, insane system, for they are happy to have a job at least.

A few people take that great leap across the chasm, from 2012 to 2013 while the planets align after a 26000-year cycle, while the societies of the world, as we know it, crumbles
and billions of tired and hungry masses clamor at the gates of governments gone rogue and delirious with power over their cash crop.

The people who have jumped get together to build a bridge that their families might cross the great divide to join them.

The RSVPs start coming in, “invitation declined”. “The world you want is a dream, people are greedy, it will never work, I am staying here, I am deeply attached to my fear that keeps me running and busy each day, I would not know what to do over there where there is abundance and joy and people live in service to others. My service-to-self life is all I know, my house, my kids, my country, my car, my religion, my job, would all be threatened.”

“They are threatened now, look around you, what do you see? Can you not see that your very physical body is being assaulted from the sky, the water you drink and the so-called food that is made available to you? Do you not see that your children are absconded to deteriorating schools that are nothing more than brainwashing machines? Do you not know that everything that you register in your name belongs to the Crown, that your very birth has been made an element of commerce to serve the trillionaires of this planet who care not a pigs eye for you and your family? That your church at this very moment sinks into a pit of such heinous crimes as you could not even imagine?

And word began to spread, at first in hushed whispers about a place where no hierarchy existed, where no middleman stood at the gates to pickpocket you on your way in. Where action arose from the hearts of humans and not from a scheming left-brain. A place where all needs are met and people looked after each other because abundance was now all around them and they had shed fear like an unwanted snake skin revealing the potential of their souls purpose and play.

They had toys too, that adults could play with endlessly because their creative juices were flowing and they had never before had access to such things as free energy. Their environment was clean and their bodies were nourished with earth’s bounty as opposed to synthetics. These people grew strong and healthy and the whites of their eyes were clear and loving.

In trepidation, one by one the people who had been mired in the mud of slavery loosed their chains, began to unshackle themselves, tore themselves from rigidity and made their way over the bridge of non-compliance into the place of sanity, freedom and love and there was not one among them that regretted their journey to this place of the heart and creativity. Tethered no more they worked together to create the lives that had hitherto been only a far off dream and with much fortitude they pressed forward until the old way of life was but a distant memory and the basis for horror stories told around the fire pit that scared the children half to death upon hearing what had once been considered a “normal” way of being, before there was a One People to Trust.

By - Jane Evershed  (an artist, poet, writer, mother and activist). 
You can see her art at www.evershed.com

    with Sophia Key.

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