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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Strawman

Awareness is everything.

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Several video's found there on the site, with more details.

The Strawman

Your birth certificate is in fact, a legal document to a bond (your Strawman) that is trading on the stock exchanges and is worth in the millions. Laws were enacted during the 1930s that enables this Strawman. The Strawman is the "Corporate you" spelled with all capital letters. The natural you is spelled like this; John Doe. The natural you does not fall under any jurisdiction of law. The Strawman assets are used by our Federal government to secure loans; Treasury Notes. Thus we are in fact Slaves. Oops; the stark TRUTH let out of the bag.

This is all fine and dandy, except I cannot find my Strawman in the market; in fact my broker was surprised to hear of the Strawman. But note the spelling of you name on various legal documents. There is a Strawman. But it is not a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. But, I'm thinking "They" own all I think I own.

The following are what I could find on YouTube about the Strawman. There is just too much information about the Strawman to ignore it. Do your homework; if you do find where it is traded in the markets, please let us know.

From the film Kymatica. I am posting this for educational purposes only. Our society is run by lawyers, our politicians are lawyers, they write our laws. Our judges are lawyers, our presidents are lawyers. They are above us, do you suppose they want you to understand the law? These are the witch doctors of the current age, ruling over us with their lawyer speak that we could never understand. We do understand though that this requires sacrificing the individual for the "system". In order to understand how to resist what is being forced upon us I think it is imperative that we educate ourselves to the multi-faceted system that is the source of our oppression. So many things we sign, and by doing so waive our rights as natural persons and willingly submit ourselves to this admiralty law. Do you think the lawyers with the contracts and the power over us are going to let us know that.

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