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We were Children of the Illuminati/Cult/Mind Control Programming you have heard about, and we are here.

We are the Light, here to illuminate the darkness.

It is truth that has flipped our switch to "on".

We are Many Lights!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Own Guardian

This blog was created for the many lights, of which I am one. I decided decades ago that the only one I could count on was me.  It is 2013 and we are in the "beginning of times".  I am not sure how it is going for you, but I am having a hell of a time.

This moment now is about loving ourselves, and trusting each other.  I am going to focus more on that this year.  We know what happened and there will continue to be validation after validation as corrupt and abusive and horrific stories are exposed.  What there needs to be now is an explosion of love, self love.  We are okay.  In fact, we are perfect.

This song appeals to me, as I have always declared myself to be my own "guardian".  Perhaps you have too.

Happy New Year.  
Just One Light

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