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Sunday, January 20, 2013

One People's Public Trust Will Bring Abundance To Everyone, Globally!

Here is a compilation of info on the One Peoples Public Trust... 
Full text for Source Article here.

One People's Public Trust Will Bring Abundance To Everyone, Globally!

“They” created systems of hierarchies, one form of "archy","ism" and "ocracy" after another.
“They” knew that to keep up this synthetic entropic reality of scarcity,they must always polarize the humans who still had energetic ties to Creator Source within their hearts. For if the People awakened,......the illusion would fall.
Control is an Illusion...
One People's Public Trust belongs to All the People on the Earth Equally.

Divide and Control...

“They” divided humanity with religions, ideologies andpolitical factions to keep The People in their seats within the system and so busy “just surviving”, The People never had time to simply BE.
The spiritual traditions were twisted, the judges corrupted, and the educational systems were all designed to teach people, this was the natural order of things.
The People have created “Legal Frameworks” called CVACs, which will act as interim governments for all peoples' nations. A sum of $500,000,000 in lawful gold and silver is allocated from each 10 Billion in gold and silver, owed to each human on the Earth (All 7 Billion of Us) in equity, to each of the 194 CVACs to fund their start-up.
Once fully executed by lawful military and law enforcement, “OPPT” will bring substantial prosperity to humanity, but its much bigger than that. It's the Legal and Lawful basis for the complete, permanent removal of the “slavery system” the controllers instituted.
Below, you will find templates for actions we can take to declare our Freedom, our Individual Sovereignty, our Oneness as a people (planetarily speaking), as well as our Oneness with the Creator. And the side benefit is that we step out of all the corporate traps (you know, corporation USA, corporation CANADA (and here), corporation AUSTRALIA, et al.) that we have unknowingly (and possibly unwillingly) stepped into.
Click HERE for templates
Below is a video on the instructions for these templates

Below is the interview with Heather Tucci-Jarraf who laid the legal grounds for the transfer of these funds to the people of the world:
One of the more interesting parts is found at 1:52:40 where Heather talks about how loans and debts never existed.

For a detailed outline of the One People's Public Trust, place your cursor over the following embedded scribd article and scroll through it.

Here is a nice explanation of what this is about:
Regarding OPPT:

I'm a freedom loving pillared reiki master, light worker, and PhD scientist.  I'm clued into the language of Be'ing and DO'ing to some extent, and competent enough to understand the legalese, but not the reasons why each phrase is so important to the process.  Even still, I've been pretty baffled by a lot of the approach that OPPT is taking to undo the Cabal and PTW.  It didn't make sense until I looked into "Registered in COMMERCE" that they keep using everywhere.

What I have ultimately walked away with is that the US Constitution allows government the ability to regulate Commerce.  So the PTW hid all their schemes in Commerce.  When OPPT registered everything in Commerce they basically declared that [government and by proxy banks, and corporations don't have the right to regulate, own, or trade people and many other things registered in commerce (like DNA)].  So, OPPT doing everything in Commerce is undoing the PTW work around they found to circumvent the Constitution. 

How did the cabal do it?  The cabal and PTW basically built the strawman to register everything and everyone in commerce.  Why?  Because the constitution granted government the right to regulate commerce and explicitly forbid them from bossing around a natural person among other restrictions.  So, they tricked natural people into registering themselves in Commerce, and then used the freedom built into the Constitution to regulate, own, and trade everything they had just put into commerce.  This includes you and me.  Once you're registered in commerce via birth certificates, licences, social security or simple contracts then they had you.

OPPT basically says "Wait, I'm actually a natural person and so is every person that you're claiming as a thing registered in Commerce.  Ergo you don't have the right to regulate, sell, manipulate, kill, molest, or eff with it in any way shape or form as these 'things' are actually natural persons.  Oh and by the way we have the authority to stop you using non-lethal force."  OPPT seems to go beyond this too in really destroying all the corporate entities meant to handle all the commerce they created.  This may not be 100% precise regarding what's going on, but it's a good first attempt at trying to explain in layman's terms what the hell is going on.

Aggroed Lighthacker  

Some of my understanding came out of this blog post http://www.notfooledbygovernment.com/right_to_travel.htm

Feel free to post this or an edited version of this that resonates for youRegarding OPPT:

Awareness is Everything.
We Are Many Lights. 

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