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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The brightest light - Coco

(Revised 12.6.2012)
The Body is the Book the Soul Writes

nervous and cagey---wandering the inner labyrinth of her dreams.

the prison of her own making is screaming....the dismantling has begun.
with tenderness, she is grateful, she is in awe. the protection the body provided for her soul and its experience here is remarkable.

and so, we look at the body
        the book
                       the soul

Coco is bright eyed, empathic, feels everything and everyone. she cries easily and cannot watch Lassie, Flipper or Bambi----needs the distraction of dancing. she is a gold-digger at heart and a flapper in a past life. the smell of honeysuckle makes her heart sing and her mind wander and wonder. she smells like dirt and sweat....her parents have neglected to teach her how to bathe in a way that feels good and thorough. her voice is certain and recognizable- she is the emcee at her kindergarten graduation. when she has a microphone in front of her or better yet, when she is on stage...there is no time - it all falls away. she opens her mouth and words, songs, jokes...delight channels through her mouth, no, through her whole being. Coco doesn't do this-----she is this- a performer.

she tastes like watermelon seeds and is gritty from hanging out in the crawl-space where she has meetings with the neighbor kids. her hair....is matted. nobody is taking care of her....not in the ways that count, not yet anyway.

Coco is the brightest light....so much so that others insist on putting it out, putting her out.
she is clever- she meditates and reads and on occasion hurts herself to get some attention.

she loves to wear dresses, play rock-star, read books and talk to the cows that she meets on her way to school. secretly, she hates her sisters because her parents have mandated that she always be a good example....she actually hates all of them. life in her house is not fair. she cleans, makes dinner and puts up with a drunk father and a narcissistic mother.
she needs to play to escape, to ride her bike like a super-hero. school is too easy, so boring and filled with too few friends---mostly this is a drain on her. very rare moments of being recognized, lead her to believe that this is how life is....life is a drudgery. she chooses to skip rather than walk, fly on her bike with her sister Kiki and yearns for another game of "mystery date" with the older neighbor girls.

her mother brings a man over to the house and Coco knows....the devil has entered the scene.
to say that she is brave is an understatement    clever, courageous and rather mature for a person of any age. enduring rape, sodomy and torture for years at the hands of this man----she finds an escape route.
Dissociation.  her body becomes the book her soul writes. this is truer than any thing there ever was.

a voice.
my voice.
seat of the secret.
shockwave of truth that then bathes one in a white shimmering light of truth.

Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.
~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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