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Monday, December 3, 2012

Michelle Remembers

Here is the Wikipedia article on Michelle Remembers

I found this book years ago, when in the process of my own recovery.  I couldn't read it as it was too close to my own story.  Also because there was so much controversy around the story and challenges to its authenticity.  It was disheartening at the time..  I had run into much the same denial myself.  

Remembering is a lonely process.  Those that do believe you, really don't want to hear the story as it is too horrific and they love you.  The others, well, they think you are making it up or crazy or maybe it is too unbelievable for them to digest.  

There is a point when the story doesn't need to be told any longer.  At first, I think, we tell it so that we can make it real.  If it is shocking for others to hear, imagine what it does to the psyche of the one doing the remembering and re-assembling.  You barely believe it yourself, yet, there it is.  There are memories and with them so much of your lost childhood begins to fit into place.  

There is more public awareness now of MK Ultra, Monarch slavery, the Illuminati and child trafikking.  Some of the interest in the story is due to curiousity.  It is like watching a train wreck.  You cannot seem to stop yourself.  

The blog was not meant to be a train wreck.  It was created as a force to increase awareness and with it, help to bring down the Cabal.  It has been evolving from the start and it continues to.  I am unclear on where it is headed.  It has become a voice for now two "X Monarch's".  This is a  good thing.  I will admit to being both encouraged and disheartened with it.  For that reason there will be fewer posts, I need to focus elsewhere.  Healing is only possible if that is the point, and this blog has reached that point.  

I hope the blog continues to be of interest to you, as its focus is shifting and so will the articles.  We are aiming towards the light.

Thank you.
Just One Light.

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