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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Light vs Fear in Connecticut

Lucas – Compassion – Why No Report On The Conneticut School Murders – 15 December 2012

compassionThe Connecticut Newton School murders I have not reported on as it was intended to get us in fear again. How sorry I am for the ones  losing their lives, it was a false flag or special notice for us  from the last dark cabal.  Yes again 27 = 9  people killed and 18 children = 9  was the report. If  you chose to give into the fear spread now,  you’re not on your way of ascension. So please step over that shadow and end the cycle with us.
I will not report on the stories of the cycle of  fear and duality all over again brought  up by incidents and other acts how terrible it all is, it is to get you back into the old paradigm.  The last days towards the shift it is important to focus on your inner work that will help you transition.  Do not go into the news again and again and get hyped and down, stop watching tv, or listen to radio stations that over en over repeat only that what is fear mongering and spreading bad feelings, vibes and or  energy.  It is intended all to bring you down. You that want to make the shift have to keep focus. Get back into your hearts and release those last bits of things that need to be let go of and keep balanced.
But in an analogy see it like this: they think the war is still on for their benefits as time ticks away to zero time and the space battleships cruise around and shoot wild on every thing they seem to control. Still they have not seen they float into deep space now on course of  a dark hole that will devour them if not returning to their senses. The new dimension of 5D coming makes that all they saw and could control and touch is now cloaked for them. They have no technology to see anymore what is the future. They just make their last stand and make as much trouble out of desperation. The only thing left they can do and do still is creating fear and fear monger, get people fed with disinformation and doubt, make them sick, and make people think the world is a hell hole still ruled by them.
So how shocking and bad this “act of  sacrifice” for us is, it is what they do to keep us out of our heart space to change this world.  Keep in mind it is important to have your personal ascension and (or awakening if your still not) priority one for the greater benefit of all humankind and the universe.  Have compassion with the victims and their loved ones, family and friends and those who are behind those shootings you show also compassion with.  Let love rule your hearts.  Stop the old duality cycle start over and over again with fear, pain, anger and whatever negative thoughts associated or coming into your  minds.
Let love be your guide towards the ending of this duality cycle. And be love in action not whatever word of negative fiction you can think of.
Love and Light,

Awareness is everything.

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