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Monday, December 17, 2012

Father Bush

Father Bush Outed As A Paedophile Yet Again

Obama awards the Medal of Freedom to a serial paedeophile, child killer and Satanist.
Obama said: 'His life is a testament that public service is a noble calling. We celebrate an extraordinary life of service and of sacrifice.'
Sacrifice - oh definitely, but the rest? Absolute bollocks.
Gordon Duff of Veterans Today is the latest to out Bush. He says: 'The great addiction in Washington is peddling children for sex'.
Exactly, and the same in London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Canberra ... on and on and on.
So David Icke was mad, right? No, just telling the truth all along.
The whole interview is interesting, but the paedophiles in Washington are covered from around 1.22.10.

I have not watched this video below in its entirety.  Please use discretion.  The opinions of the broadcasters are not necessarily my own.

Awareness is everything.
We are Many Lights.

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