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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Demographic preservation

Looking just a little further into the thread, gives us this interchange, with the accompanying video by Hans Rosling:

Those who control the money control the World, some people do fear that the Illuminati can make wars or make earthquakes but that is crap...Would you admit that you people (if you are Illuminati) have more interest in not losing your money and are seeing to the fact that you people are controlling situations that keep someone or some faction from trying to control the world...? Because if someone did come to a point of being the Dictator of the world you might in all possibility lose your wealth...

Answer from supposed Illuminati member:

As I said, it is our demographic position the we preserve, not the number of dollars.

For sure we would not like some dictator running the word. We are doing a good job of it at present and would not want that good work to degrade.

Look at what we reap. We could just do it better and faster if done openly and transparently with the blessing of the population.

They fight us constantly by causing instability in an economy that could easily be stabilized through cooperation instead of the competition that is currently destabilizing it.

Awareness is everything.
We are Many Lights. 

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