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Monday, November 12, 2012

Crimes against Humanity

I am listening to this as it is posted here.  It concerns the plans for enslaving humanity and information about the banking corporations.  I cannot vouch for it, but present it here as further information leading to further awareness.  This was just released today.  

There are several youtube channels that focus on the Illuminati.  I will share them here, below the video.

The description of this video reads:

"Best selling author of "The Elite Don't Dare Let Us Tell the People" and owner/operator of Ross International Enterprise, Robert Gaylon Ross Sr. unleases alarming new evidence of the elite's monumental crimes against humanity. He unravels the darkest secrets of the secret societies, documenting the hideous threat posed by Freemasonry and the banking elite. Will there be a financial catastrophe in America? Find out this and more."

You tube channels you may want to check out:


The Official David Icke Channel

Alex's Official Channel

Exomatrix TV 2nd Backup 

Sheep Wolf

Awareness is everything.
We are Many Lights.

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