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Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Cosmic Awareness"

In these last months of this year, many sources of information are available.  One of those sources refers to itself as "Cosmic Awareness", with the following definition:

Cosmic Awareness is the Force that expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth,
 the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce, and other great avatars who 
 served as "Channels" for the Heavenly Father, and who speaks again today as 
the world begins to enter the New Age of Spiritual Consciousness and awareness.
Cosmic Awareness has stated that It is that pool of consciousness, that anyone can 
contact if they go deep enough within themselves.
Cosmic Awareness is that Universal Awareness present throughout the Universe 
in every person, place, animal, thing and molecule.
Excerpt from Cosmic Awareness:

“This Awareness wishes entities to understand that It is not a personal spirit, 
anymore than social awareness, or national awareness or cultural awareness 
is a particular spirit. This Awareness indicates that you may also wish to consider
 galactic awareness, or solar awareness, or global awareness, or some other term. 
This Awareness indicates that It prefers to consider Itself simply as Awareness, 
although It does not object to the term `Cosmic Awareness', nor would It object to 
the term `Private Awareness', or `General Awareness'. This Awareness indicates 
that It is simply awareness, and not a particular entity or spirit. It is aware wherever 
It may be, and It is available as awareness throughout the cosmos. This Awareness 
indicates that there is consciousness throughout the entire universe, and this consciousness 
is cosmic as well as personal, depending on where it focuses, or how it expresses Itself, 
or through what channels.”

Included below are links to two conversations (11/2/12) regarding the upcoming US 
Elections, Martial Law, and severe weather in the USA.  

These are not offered to induce fear, but as information.  The reference to the "Powers that Be" 
is to the Cabal/Illuminati.  

Their plans have been disrupted, the storm "Sandy" did not cause the devastation they hoped.  
Yet there are still HAARP readings that raise speculation as well as the fact that Martial Law
has been declared in Sandy Point, NJ.  
(If you can believe the MSM source in the video shown here).     

Here is the link to the message for November 2nd, 2012.  It calls those reading/listening to not "stick your head in the sand", but to remain aware.  These are not so much predictions as they are statements of what is being planned by the Illuminati for these "end times".

Indeed, if you are reading the news reports posted here and other places regarding the Illuminati plans for world domination/slavery then this report should come as no surprise.  

Please use your own discernment and follow what feels true within.  I can make no claims as to the validity of this source, it is a new one for me.  It is offered here because although at first it sounds alarming, once the message is complete, the unbiased nature of the report is evident.  

Certainly we are entering a volatile moment in our own history and one where awareness and intent mean everything.  

We are Many Lights.

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