Who we are

We were Children of the Illuminati/Cult/Mind Control Programming you have heard about, and we are here.

We are the Light, here to illuminate the darkness.

It is truth that has flipped our switch to "on".

We are Many Lights!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Your Knight in Shining Armor

When this blog began, I wasn't sure where it would go.  Today I would like to speak to your heart.  

You may be like me, a light, almost snuffed out at an early age.  You still shine and yet, there is something that may be hiding your light.  It is a lack of self love.  

This song is one I would have liked to hear growing up, and hear often.  


I am sort of done with all the tales of horror today.  The immediately previous post is good news. The word is out.  We know or are learning their plans, tricks, past and current atrocities. They will no longer work.

What it will take now is a force.  A light unlike any the "Illuminati" can offer. The way to stop whatever it is they have done and are attempting to do, is to love.  We must start with ourselves.  It is the one thing they cannot deal with; you cannot destroy love.

I waited a lifetime for a Knight in Shining Armor to save me and love all the pain away.  I thought I found him a few times.  I was wrong; I was looking in all the wrong places. She was in my mirror.

This song is one to be sung to yourself.  You may be just one light, but you are the only one who can light up your heart.  I wish for you deep love. I wish for you Agape.

Thank you.

I am, 
Just One Light and so are you. Let's shine.


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