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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What do they want?

Deciding what to post here has been interesting.  There are video's and books all over the place about satanic rituals and practices, Illuminati methods and plans.  What I bring to this table is a little different.  First of all, I lived in it.  I was not locked away, I was sent home afterwards and attended school regularly.  The infiltration into mainstream culture is beyond what any of us are prepared to accept.  In order to survive and continue, I had to split my mind.  I propose here that we are all doing that in order to survive. This is by intent, the Cabal's intent.  They want to keep us asleep. Lot's can happen while you are sleeping and you will never even notice.

I hesitated to bring this blog out because part of me said "People don't want to know this is real."  "They won't believe me."  "It will change nothing." "It is just too awful to be believed." "Regular, normal people don't do these kinds of things." This is how they split our minds.

If you are soothed into believing it's all a bad dream, or it is not real, you will allow yourself deeper and deeper in.  If you have seen how lobsters are cooked, they begin in cold water so they don't crawl out and run away.  The water gradually gets heated up and by the time realization of the end hits the poor creature, it is too late.

I don't think it is too late for us, but it is close.  I was a child of the cult/Illuminati and I have seen things you could barely imagine. It is happening.  These things are happening all over the world.  It is true they have a taste for young children, boys and girls, but what they also have a huge appetite for is power, control, land and wealth.  

You may not have been ritually abused, but you are being raked over the coals.  Every dime you pay in interest and fees and taxes feeds them.  Each bank is privately held.  Regardless of where you shop, ultimately it all boils down to like 8 corporations, owned by the same families who own the banks and the governments.  This is not coincidental.  This is a planned domination.  They want to own it all. Every part of your life touches the Illuminati somehow.  It is difficult to believe.  

The only way to stop them is awareness and refusal.  We have to stop feeding them our labor, our children, our money and our land. We have to be willing to accept some really hard to hear truths about how things are run.  There can be no "sacred cows", and we'll have to be fearless.  

There is safety in numbers.  These groups have no power without our cooperation.  Refuse to be lulled into tranquility.  This is your life and the lives of your descendents at stake.  We are waking up to the truth.  This wasn't possible years ago.  This information just wasn't available so easily.  With the advent of the internet, and many whistle-blowers, it is now.

I will include a link here to someone who has done a great deal of research on the banking cartels and the corporations.  It is a very long and well investigated study.  Do your own research, but don't go back to sleep.  Before you trust or even read any information, be clear on your intent with a statement of purpose.  Say something like "In the name of the light", and then begin.

Here is the link I spoke of:

The Great Revealing, by David Wilcock 

Thank you,
Just One Light

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