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Monday, October 29, 2012

Weather, Teeth, Crops and the Cabal

The efforts of the Cabal reach into every area of our society.  Here are a few, along with ways to counter act their effect:

First, a Meditation to focus the energy of the current weather on both US Coasts - (Note: there was a 1997 Mock "Hurricane Sandy Drill")

Hurricane Sandy Meditation

Second, awareness and a chance to vote on the labelling of GMO foods.

And finally, you have most likely heard of the dangers of flouride.  Conscious Life News offers an alternative.  It seems that it is force of habit that propels our compliance with the way things have always been.  Sources such as this publication are invaluable.  With slight alterations, we can refuse to participate in the plan.  Here is the link:

Healthy Alternatives for strong, white teeth

Please share.  Awareness is everything. 

We are Many Lights.

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