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Friday, October 5, 2012

Symbolism at the 2012 Summer Olympics

The Olympic Opening and Closing ceremonies were rich with Illuminati symbolism.  The fact that it was so blatant is discussed here:

Satanic Messages Reach 4 Billion

The symbols themselves cannot be denied, but each of us is left to interpret their meaning. This blog is asking you to consider and investigate everything.  There is no requirement for belief, yet denial of the possibility gives you a red flag that something is up.  

I didn't see the ceremony completely, only parts of it and many images.  The hospital beds and demons were just "out there" and hard to watch.  

My experience of the Olympic ceremonies are that they are a chance for the host country to showcase the most important and beautiful they have.  This was not beautiful, yet no doubt it was important.  This was a message.  The first blogger linked above is giving us his version of what it means.  Here are a few more.  For the complete picture, you may want to check them all out.

Extensive Illuminati Symbolism at Olympics - Ann Kreilkamp 

Satanic Olympic Ritual - 2012

Truth Seeker - Occult Symbolism 

Hidden Agendas - Possible Civil Unrest & Illuminati Symbolism 

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