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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Monarch Methods

A pattern emerges, at once genius and diabolical.  The planners who control the people of this planet have had many hundreds of years to do so.  They are a patient lot.  As crazy as this sounds, it becomes the only logical conclusion – they are interested in real estate.

Here are their methods, none of which come “naturally”:

  1. Separation.
This is accomplished with religion, nationalism, segregation and wealth.  By creating an “us vs. them” mentality, it becomes an easy step to convince one side or the other to work for your benefit.  All that is needed is a reason to win; you must be convinced of some personal gain.

  1. Horror.
This is actually key to separation.  This method includes an element of shock.  Understand that as humans, our memories are associative.  When shocking things are witnessed, that we have no access to in our daily lives, we quickly forget them.  Unless these shocking things are part of the very specific mind control of the cult/Monarch program which was used on millions of us.  In that case, everyday images are used – butterflies, roses, lollipops – in order to have an abundance of triggers at the ready, plenty of reminders of the horror.

These do not have to be “Manchurian Candidate” kinds of triggers; they can function merely as reminders of the fear, of the lesson, of the necessity to keep quiet and to be obedient.  They also function as downers, to keep us feeling really bad, without knowing why.  Self destruction and pharmaceuticals are the ways we cope. 

Once programmed, you may not remember the specific horror, yet each time you see a butterfly there is an internal memory jog.  You remain on a constant state of alert without realizing why.  This brings us to the next method.

  1. Fear.
These groups will kill.  They will torture.  They will emotionally or financially or physically devastate anyone.  If you’ve been specifically programmed you have no doubt of this.  You’ve seen it.  Yet as a society we’ve also seen the typical evil guy behind every plot line.  What we don’t want to believe is that he’s real.  He is.

Fear has been subtly embedded into every aspect of our lives.  This is intentional.  We lock our doors, buy insurance, save our money, stay inside, study for tests and keep quiet.  We are afraid of our neighbor, of sickness, of poverty, of different races, other religions, of failing, of looking bad or looking weird. 

Most of what we do, from the selection of our outfit to the choice of how to spend our Sunday, is because we are afraid of the consequences.  We don’t do things because we WANT to, we do them because we are afraid of what will happen if we DON’T. 

  1. Obedience.
A constant state of fear creates desperation.  Subservient to anyone or anything that promises relief, we are easy to control.  The Monarch programming is real.  Accept that as possible and it is a short step to the association with these methods on a global scale.  Their goal is easily accomplished once we are all mostly afraid. 

  1. Ownership.
What they are after is the planet.  Since that is not possible, as Gaia is a sovereign being herself and unable to own, they have a plan B. Instead they will own the minds of those that call Gaia home.  By convincing us to do whatever they ask, they will get us to hand over control of every resource the planet provides.

We’ve given up control of our lives to the systems of banking, health, education, religion, law and government.  Most of our goals are about compliance and avoidance of penalty.  If we pay our taxes, pass our tests, take our medicine, follow the rules, pay our bills and obey our God, we will be safe and secure. We are meant for so much more.

The many lights that have survived the specific cult/Monarch mind control programming did so for a reason.  We serve as markers for the truth.  This too is happening to you, to all of you.  The everyday things you have come to think are normal and natural and just the way it is; are none of the above.  Most of what you think has to be, does not. It is a matter of choice.

These controllers have been dictating our choices for centuries.  We survived not to horrify you with tales of abuse, but to empower you.  You are not a slave and lesser than none.  Each day I become more and more aware.  The memories are coming out of hiding.  It is not my wish to keep re-living them, but to accept them as part of the past.  This is my past.  This is our past.  We can see now the truth. Their plan relies on us remaining in the dark.

Our many lights are illuminating the darkness.  Now that we can see, we can move freely and act of our own accord.  This blog illustrates the truth of this programming.  It is replayed in music, in film and in today’s headlines.  This blog will some day not be necessary, as you will recognize it on your own.  That is the goal.  There is strength in numbers and regardless of specific beliefs, we all reside right here, together.  Our light is needed.

Please share.

I am,
Just One Light

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