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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mind Control in dreams?

Here is another version of manipulation and control via EM Radiation.  I have heard of this before. 

I was offered a job once with a woman who was terrified and wanted to go public with her story. She needed a "ghost writer".   It very much corresponded with the video below.  She felt she was being fed information and once I began research, I couldn't take the job.  It was much too close to my own experience with mind control.

She felt she was under constant surveillance, and had factual information that seemed to validate her.  I was just unable to be removed enough to be effective.  This was a decade ago.

David's story may sound unbelievable, yet please consider the possibility.  Much of what he has been saying for years has come out now as fact.  

Please share.  Awareness is everything.

I am, 
Just One Light 


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