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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mind Control as Entertainment

Illuminati efforts extend into every area of society, reaching every age.  To give you an idea, here is a revealing article on "Out of my mind"  - B.O.B. and Nicky Minaj .   

"Out of my mind" 

There are numerous triggers in the song and video.  It attempts to minimize and trivialize those of us who have been part of this abusive control. This is another form of programming, brought to us as entertainment.

There are Illuminati websites that clearly spell out their agenda and offer to pay handsomely for any form of entertainment that supports the message.  

They are looking for members and supporters in the music and film industry.  The agenda is spelled out, along with examples of media that sells and tells their message.  It is right there for us to see.   You can't help but see that it is everywhere, once you begin to notice the truth.

You can look around yourself and see that this is true.  I might suggest that you do so in a public place, and not from your own computer, as all hits are tracked.  One particular site I found actually warned you to get off right away if you were not intending to join.  You could only see the front page if you were not a member.  Apparently I didn't get off fast enough because the system froze before I could get off the site, and this was in a public library. 

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