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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Halloween Story - "R.A."

This blog has been live for just over a month.  It is Halloween.  Traditionally a day of creepy and scary.  I hesitated to start this because of the subject matter; creepy and scary.  Only not just one day a year, any day. 

In researching for what to post, I see lots of comments.  In 80% of them, the person commenting either doesn't know what the Illuminati is, is mistaken, or believes it is fantasy.  That, I believe, is much more frightening than R.A., (Ritual Abuse).

This blog was started to enlighten.  What became immediately obvious was that once you accept the reality of these groups, you are already in the Rabbit Hole.  You cannot hold yourself on the fringes for very long...gravity pulls you down...you begin to see their programming and efforts at control every place - the financial system, the media, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, education, government.  As you are tumbling down, deeper and deeper, things get clearer and more obvious.  

Theirs has been a planned and systematic effort to control the people on this planet, in order to obtain the resources she offers.  We are a means to an end and nothing more.  As Michael Jackson said "They don't really care about us."

We have survived in order to change things.  We have not fallen in this hole for nothing.  We see clearly now, it is time to act.  We are occupying the planet.  Our strength is in our numbers, today there are over 7 billion of us!  It is time to come together, as One.  

I have been searching for some places to start...and will share them here soon.

Here is a blog on Healing Ritual crime and abuse.  I have not checked out all of the links, but it seems to have healing methods as well as creative expression for the "Many Lights" along with information on what Ritual Abuse is.  It is offered as information, maybe healing for those many lights.

With awareness, we can change that 80% to a much lower number.  Halloween next year could be much less scary.

Here is the R.A. blog -

I am,
Just One Light

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