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Monday, September 24, 2012

We're gonna save the world tonight

There are so many things to say.  I am composing my thoughts.  I love this song. 

(-- It took me some time to find a video I was comfortable posting here, the video on the "official page" is violent.  I wonder about that and my reaction.  I do not like watching violence, so I didn't use the official version.  It is my belief that the Cabal uses violence as a weapon - we choose not to look.  If we aren't looking, it can't really effect us can it?  "Out of sight, out of mind" All sorts of horrors can go on "out of sight".  Because we aren't looking, that doesn't mean they have stopped.  It is part of our manipulation to believe that if it isn't happening in front of us, it isn't happening anyplace. Notice how war zones are not broadcast any longer?  Why do you think that is?)

When I hear this song, I imagine a world free of the domination and manipulation of the Cabal.  I imagine a world that didn't get that way because someone else came in and ousted them.  

I see a world in which it was the people, the very recipients of those methods, who rose up, realized the truth of their enslavement and the strength in their numbers, and felt empowered enough to do something.  This is how we change the world.  This is how we stop them. There is both safety and power in numbers. We number in the billions.

I am from the U.S.  The American Revolution was not a popular war.  I do not know the numbers exactly, but regardless, the decision to revolt was not unanimous.  We all know how that came out.  We don't need everyone.  We only need enough of us. 

Our insides are telling us it is time for change.  We can all feel it.  I suppose this is why this blog has been started.  There is a constant stream of posts in my head and heart.  

What I see are many, many "grass root" movements.  I imagine each of us, in our own lives, saying no to some abusive action, whether physical, emotional, sexual, verbal, or financial.  It could be taking a stand against institutional or governmental corruption at any level, in any country.  Their infiltration into our homes is astounding. We will not have to look far to see what is in need of change.

We agree to our enslavement each day, by complying with all the rules and charges that feed them.  This is what we will have to stop.  In order to do so, we'll need to see clearly what they have done and are doing.  That is the intent of this blog, and there will be posts to it regularly.  

For now, there is a mission statement posted below and a great deal of planning.  Thanks for all of your comments and support.  It will take all of that and much more, to stop this from continuing. 


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