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Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Not - So - Secret Covenant

There is a covenant, and the members of this Illuminati group abide by it.  We are dealing with an agenda here.  It is not every member of every group that understands or is even aware of this agenda, but this agenda is what motivates every action taken by the "Holders" of this planet. On some level, all groups serve this agenda. As you familiarize yourself with what is really going on here, it will no longer seek to shock you.

This is the intention of this blog.  When we are in shock, we are immobilized.  Shock does not serve our greater intent, yet it fits nicely into the plans of those who perpetrate these criminal acts.  We want to move past the shock and immobilization; straight into action. We want to make it impossible to carry out their plan. We want to remove them entirely.

The Illuminati are referred to here as the "Holders" because for all intents and purposes, it is their agenda that has this planet and her people in their grip.  Not just little boys and girls in small towns, but men and women in all nations, as well as their land and their wealth.  The Cabal want it all.  They will stop at nothing to get what they want. Their methods are brutal.

We, as humans, have this interesting component that appeals to the Cabal.  It is our willingness to "fight to the finish" before we exit, even when death is certain, in a hailstorm of gunfire, a "blaze of glory".  There is a brutality element in us, we will even kill our own kind if we believe it is necessary.  They are human as well and willing to do the same.  We have been no match for them, because we didn't know their plan.  We have been asleep.  We may have even doubted their existence.

They exist.  They own just about everything.  They want to own it all, and they want us to give it to them; our children, our money and our land.  

This video is hard to hear, and even difficult to read.  Pause it when the words scroll up so that you have time to read each section.  As you do, move past the horror and into another, more beneficial emotion, such as empowerment.  We are seven billion strong and it is in this time (2012) that we can render them impotent.  Knowledge is power.

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