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Friday, September 28, 2012

Some things I know

I will tell you all I know, to educate and empower you.  I will not replay every detail, but you’ll benefit from my knowledge. I know who they are, how they think and what they are capable of.  I spent years watching them.

They go by many names and operate under the guise of government, military, civic organizations, and men’s groups.  Generations of families teach each upcoming male what is expected of them.  When my “handler” died, it was as if they were burying a king.  Streets were blocked off to make way for the funeral procession that included half a dozen different local and international groups as well as the military and half the town.  They reward their own with power. 

I did not grow up in a cage, yet I’ve spent time in a coffin.  These things, the tools of their trade, are readily available in every town and include coffins, robes, hoods, knives and costumes.  There was a priest and priestess, a princess and a prince, a wolf with Little Red Riding Hood as well as Santa Claus.  There were small animals.  There were goats and body bags, candles, altars and skewers. Drugs were plentiful.  There was watching and intimidating and participating; threats and sacrifices.  These things are as horrific as possible so that you don’t believe they could be real.  This is how your mind is split.

I was given a lollipop for cooperating when I was two years old.  When the children return home, the stories they tell are regarded as childhood fantasy and just the costumes listed above give you a clue as to why.  Fairy tales and monsters run high on the list of what the child is babbling about.  Few visible marks are left. 

My younger sister did not cooperate well and had different treatment.  Seriously addicted to both drugs and alcohol, she killed herself as an adult.  I now understand this is called a “suicide alter”. 

I did not know this was any larger than my own experience, until recently because of the MK-Ultra and Illuminati information that is coming to light.  I never made the connection.  This is how deep the programming and splitting goes.  I did not even remember until I was in my twenties.  For me, the active abuse stopped when I became fertile.  I was not supposed to get pregnant.

I moved away soon after, as far as I was able.  They attempted to bring me back with an offer for a fully paid college education.  I refused.  I knew to stay away. 

What they do, is make it so invisible that even you doubt what you are seeing when you remember it.  There are no records or photographs.  It all gets stored away to some remote part of our brain.

The purpose of this blog is to inform, enlighten and equip you with truth.  Fear is not part of this curriculum.  This is real.  It goes on because no one believes it could happen in their town.  It is happening right now.  These groups were not exotic or unusual, with names like the Fire Department, the Masonic Lodge and the Independent Order of Oddfellows.

In order to put a stop to the criminal behavior of these people, you have to first see what is really going on.  You can’t stop what you refuse to look at.  The Cabal has perfected the art of fear and intimidation.  They begin with children, as an infant I was witness to murders.  It doesn’t take long for a pattern to develop.  In order to function in your “regular life” you must forget your “other life”.  You become expert at compartmentalizing events.  One has no relevance to the other, so you develop the capacity to ignore it, as if it didn’t matter or wasn’t really real.

These local techniques mirror those used globally.  We hear all about the necessity of focusing on only the positive in order to create happiness.

In a general sense that is good advice, yet avoidance will not make the Illuminati stop.  We have to make them impotent.  Then they will leave.

This means we cannot let their methods intimidate or control our behavior.  We must fearlessly look at what they are and refuse to dismiss it.  Our worst fears are realized; the Illuminati are real and sitting next to us at church or standing behind us at the supermarket checkout. 

We don’t have to eliminate them; we have to see clearly what they are doing and stop their ability to do so.  This takes awareness.  Only then can we stop them.

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