Who we are

We were Children of the Illuminati/Cult/Mind Control Programming you have heard about, and we are here.

We are the Light, here to illuminate the darkness.

It is truth that has flipped our switch to "on".

We are Many Lights!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Another Light

As I process and plan this blog, I am being shown just how many of us there are.  Here is another light.  She too had early beginnings within the grip of the Illuminati as a Satanic Cult.  If you would like those details, you can read the bio on her website here:

Kelly La Sha 


Her light is most evident here, in these videos.  She has taken from the darkness, a wisdom that few can see, and is sharing it.  Definitely evidence of the force that we are.  We are Many Lights!


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